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Why India Should Invest in Pakistan’s Development


From 2003 to 2004, in an initiative to promote India both as a production and investment destination, reduce foreign dependencies, and support its strategic economic interests abroad, India dramatically changed its international development assistance policy[i]. It began transitioning from being not only a recipient but also a donor of foreign aid. Then Finance Minister Jaswant […]

India’s Cricket Frenzy is Not All About Sports


On the evening of July 9th, 1.3 billion people took a collective gasp as India was knocked out of the Cricket World Cup 2019.  An event that takes place once in four years, the Cricket World Cup is the most anticipated sporting event in India, where cricket is a religion. During this year’s Cricket World […]

International Relations and Security

Can the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Bring Equity through Infrastructure?


BY MAX NATHANSON The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will change Pakistan. CPEC — a proposed network of highways, power plants, and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) worth a reported $62 billion — is set to bring Pakistan more than double the entire volume of foreign direct investment that the country received since 2008. But who, exactly, […]

Education Policy Reform: A Catalyst for Innovation in Developing Countries


BY BILAL CHAUDHARY Stimulating domestic innovation is crucial for developing countries. Innovation, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking can accelerate the pace of poor countries’ development, reducing their reliance on aid and enhancing their capacity to participate in a rapidly changing global economy. For development to succeed, innovation cannot be solely the domain of the rich and […]

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