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Walking on Broken Glass


By Nahal Bahri On February 12th, the Harvard Women’s Law Association (“WLA”) at Harvard Law School held its 9th Annual Conference titled, “Walking on Broken Glass: Redesigning Institutions After the Glass Ceiling.” The WLA Conference is the premier event for women at Harvard Law School, a forum for reflecting on women’s goals in the legal […]

Harvard Students File Law Suit Against University Urging Divestment from Fossil Fuel Companies


By Nahal Bahri, University of California, Berkeley School of Law J.D. Candidate 2015; Harvard Law School, 3rd year Exchange Program 2014-2015 On Tuesday, November 25th, Harvard Law students discussed their recent lawsuit against the Harvard Corporation, seeking to compel the Harvard Corporation to divest from fossil fuel companies. The students focused on their mission, which […]

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