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It Doesn’t Matter if a Muslim Eats Pork


As Muslim-Americans, we need to play a more active role in defining our faith, or will continue to have others define it for us BY NADIA VISWANATH The tantalizing smell of pepperoni pizza. Greasy, cheesy, meaty, salty decadence—to me, it wafts of paradise. Once my go-to late-night snack in college, I have since given up […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Can a Heretic Be a Hero? The Muslim Breakthrough of Mahershala Ali’s Oscar Win


BY YAHYA CHAUDHRY Last week, capping off a successful awards season, Mahershala Ali won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Moonlight — the first time a Muslim has won in an acting category. Ali portrayed Juan, a Cuban-born drug dealer living in Miami who becomes a surrogate father to a bullied […]

Gender, Race and Identity

We Are Donald Trump


BY RYAN COHEN Playing on the fears that President Obama decried in his public address earlier this month, Donald Trump proposed that the United States bar Muslims from entry, including re-entry of Muslim U.S. citizens traveling abroad. It’s easy to deride this proposal as intolerant, unconstitutional, and abhorrent, as many have done. What’s more difficult—and […]


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