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Model Minority Mutiny: Whiteness is a Plague


This piece was published in the 28th print volume of the Asian American Policy Review. Asian American identity has historically been one of resistance, subversion, and protest. In both courts and communities, Asian Americans have fought for the right to citizenship[1], educational access[2], fair treatment[3], and working conditions[4] since the late 1800s. On U.S. plantations, […]

Three Things Asian Americans Don’t Want to Talk About: Confronting Two Truths and a Lie


This piece was published in the 27th print volume of the Asian American Policy Review. I still recall my father’s expression of disappointment when he learned I planned to marry Tina, a multiracial, Catholic Dominican American. He never said it explicitly, but I knew he thought I was making a big mistake by marrying someone of […]

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