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Taking off the ‘Masc’: How Gay-Identifying Men Perceive and Navigate Hyper-Masculinity and “Mascing” Culture Online


INTRODUCTION             The proliferation of gay online spaces and the opportunity they present to experiment and explore one’s own sexual identity have made online platforms increasingly significant in the social, romantic, and emotional lives of gay men.[1] For many gay men, online spaces serve as sanctuaries to meet other gay men, experiment with their personal identity construction, and cultivate […]

Breaking the “First Rule of Masculinity”: A Conversation with Thomas Page McBee


MORGAN BENSON  Thomas, it’s so nice to be speaking with you today. I first came across your books and reporting when I was looking for trans perspectives on masculinity and manhood while going through my own transition, for lack of a better word, a few years ago. You’ve now published two books: Man Alive, which you’ve […]

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