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Made in Somewhere Else: How Premature Deindustrialization Undermines the Development of Indonesia and other Emerging Economies


In its 1993 report, the World Bank classified Indonesia as one of the “Asian Miracles”[1]. Indonesia was on the track towards industrialization and development. It had begun to transition from agriculture and raw commodities to manufacturing. In 2000, Indonesia’s computer export was twice the value of its palm oil export[2]. Fast forward to today, and […]

U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Are Not Coming Back


BY HAIYANG ZHANG A group of textile artisans protested against the newly developed labor-replacing machinery. They were afraid that the many years they spent mastering the skills would go to waste and that the machines would eventually rob them of their jobs. The violence broke out when people started smashing the knitting machines, and eventually […]

America, Decoupled: The Plight of the Middle Class


Note: This post is part 1 of a 2 part series. Part 2 will be available on Friday, October 18. BY BRIAN CHIGLINSKY It sounded like a fantasy novel. In the heyday of furniture manufacturing, she said, a high school student could drop out, walk out of his schoolhouse, down the road by the river […]

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