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A Brief Reaction to Donald Trump’s Victory


BY ALI WYNE There are two ways for those of us who supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign to react to Donald Trump’s victory: we can scream to high heaven, steeping ourselves in a toxic brew of anger and despair; or we can attempt to understand why he won and consider what we might have done differently. […]

Where Are All the Female Diplomats?


BY LISA FEIERMAN When Madeleine Albright arrived at the Democratic National Convention to see Hillary Clinton accept her party’s presidential nomination, she dressed for the occasion: She wore a brooch made of shattered glass to symbolize the historic nature of her friend’s achievement—putting “the biggest crack in the glass ceiling yet,” as Clinton said. The […]

Why post-coup Turkey is suspicious of Hillary Clinton


Embed from Getty Images “Turkey is at a crossroads!” has become the rallying cry for commentators as the country grapples with terrorism, a coup attempt, and a reshaping of its domestic and international stances. The cliché has long described Turkey as a country straddling two continents, torn between East and West – its imperial history tied to […]


President Clinton: The Arab world’s perspective


For Republicans, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s Middle East policy has been a lightning rod. In addition to Clinton’s email scandal, Republicans have frequently criticized positions the former secretary of state took during the 2010-11 Arab Spring uprising and the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The Arab world’s pundits have their […]


The Debate Double Standard


BY BRYNNA QUILLIN On Monday night, the world finally got to see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off for the first presidential debate. Watching the two candidates on stage together was striking. Hillary Clinton is one of the most, if not the most, qualified presidential candidates in history, with an extensive resume: First Lady, […]

Ancient Athens, Modern America, and a Refresher on the Electoral College


BY KATHERINE HARPER It is a refrain commonly heard: “I don’t understand the Electoral College.” Every four years, Americans and political junkies abroad get to fathom the complexities known as the Electoral College system of voting for the President of the United States. With two polarizing figures, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, likely to secure […]

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