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The Need to Implement an Age Restriction on U.S. Dietary Supplements 


Young people are especially susceptible to abusing weight loss supplements. Age restrictions will protect them.

Business and Regulation

Expanding Postpartum Medicaid Coverage: A Racial and Gender Justice Imperative


American society was not built for birthing people to thrive—or at times even to survive. The United States lacks paid parental leave and universal childcare policies and has the highest rate of maternal mortality among all industrialized countries. There are stark racial disparities in the maternal mortality rate in the United States: Black mothers die […]

Embryo Donation: Prospective Parenthood, Fetal Personhood, and the Reproductive Justice Framework


Introduction Assisted reproductive technology (ART) has become a common part of modern American life. A third of American adults have either undergone some form of fertility treatment or know someone who has.[1] While few Americans bat an eye at the idea of a child born as a result of sperm donations or in vitro fertilization […]

COVID 19, Mass Media and Political Communication: Insights from México’s Federal Government Administration


National polls ran by some of the most renowned national newspapers in México, show that the level of acceptance of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador is one of the highest in the country’s history. Nevertheless, a highly polarized public opinion about federal government intervention is observable. Considering some research made by the author, it […]

The U.S. Must Join Others in Regulating Embryo Selection


BY RYAN CARTERS When my wife’s grandmother and aunt died from breast cancer, no one knew it was linked to a hereditary BRCA2 gene mutation. My wife was luckier. She found out in her twenties, and opted for a double mastectomy to reduce her risks. The next generation may have less cause to worry; it […]


Beyond Mobile Phones: Will Virtual Nurses and Drones Deliver Healthcare in Africa?


BY MARTA MILKOWSKA “This technology will save millions of patients!” This was the elated comment from the head of a tuberculosis health facility in Lesotho, in response to my prototype of a mobile phone application. Last summer, I was exploring the value of machine learning in predicting patients’ default rates in HIV and tuberculosis treatment […]

An Application of Strategic Health Diplomacy in Latin America and the Caribbean: The U.S. Southern Command


BY RICHARD MENGER MD, ANIL NANDA MD MPH, AND WILLIAM FRIST MD Strategic Health Diplomacy (SHD) recognizes that targeted global health initiatives can be an important foreign policy tool for the United States.  Healthier populations are productive, safe, and less vulnerable to instability. By addressing global health in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), the […]

Michigan’s Water Problems Should Be a Wake-up Call to America


BY WILL EBERLE When the water started turning brownish-black, residents of Flint, Michigan knew they had a problem. But it would take months before they learned the truth; a truth which should serve as a wake-up call to communities across America. And just this week, Flint’s newly-elected mayor Karen Weaver declared a state of emergency […]

Cities and Communities

Right to Work and Health


What the Most Recent Attack on Organized Labor Will Mean for American Workers’ Health and Safety BY DANYAAL RAZA Organized labor is under attack. In 2011, in the depths of an icy Midwestern winter, roughly 100,000 Wisconsinites descended upon their state capitol. Just one month into his term, Governor Scott Walker’s ultimately successful attempt to […]

Education, Training and Labor

He Said, We Said: Breaking Down the State of the Union, Part 2


POLICY AREA: HEALTH CARE BY EMILY HARTMANN It is clear that President Obama wants to move the conversation forward on health care. In the State of the Union address he acknowledged the early struggles launching health care exchanges, but he quickly turned to the successes of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Speaking directly to the […]

2014 State of the Union: Issue by Issue, Part 2


A Note of Explanation: For the first time, the Kennedy School Review has tapped into the policy expertise of students across the Harvard Kennedy School of Government to collect their perspectives on President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address.  For two days, HKS students are providing their analysis on a broad range of policy […]

We all live in Bhopal: Global Protest Against Corporate Impunity


BY SHASHANK SHEKHAR SHUKLA As the city slept, the killer silently crept in. From the windows, doors, ledges and crevices, it came in silently, slaughtering not just hundreds but hundreds of thousands of innocent victims. The killer’s name was methyl isocyanate, and in 4 hours it instantly killed 8,000 people and maimed another 200,000. At […]

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