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The Non-Feminist Case for Higher Pay for the USWNT


The USWNT doesn’t just deserve equal pay: they deserve higher pay, because they are the team we enjoy watching the most.

Dads can close the gender pay gap


Want to close the gender pay gap? Get men to look after their kids. BY ELLIOTT JAMES In the past 50 years, we’ve seen millions of American women join the workforce, deployed 300,000 to Iraq and Afghanistan, sent hundreds to Congress, appointed four to the Supreme Court and launched 40 into space. Which for some […]

Women Benefit Most When Men Take Paternity Leave


BY LAUREN WINDMEYER Last month, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would take two months paternity leave following the birth of his first child. This announcement exemplifies a trend in the tech world towards improved benefits for new parents – this year alone, Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft have all announced extended parental leave. This is of […]

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