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When Legalizing Abortion is Not Enough: Barriers in seeking Abortion that go beyond Laws


In this article, the authors explore the barriers that women face on the ground when accessing abortion, even when the procedure has been legalized. They look at the cases of Argentina and Colombia, in Latin America, and India and Nepal, in Asia, to highlight examples of barriers and how grassroots organizations are playing a key role in supporting safe access to abortions.

Obstacles in the Way of Women’s Mobility: UTI and Unhygienic Toilet Facilities


In this article, Simin Ibnat Dharitree presents the argument for the importance of hygienic toilet facilities in Bangladesh for women to overcome the obstacles in their mobility, well being and empowerment.

Opinion: It is past time for the United States to establish a federally paid parental leave policy.


In this article, Nupur Sharma presents an overview of paid family leave laws in the United States and discusses why they should be advanced.

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