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The Quest for Sexual Reproductive Health Rights in Morocco


In this article, Yasmina Benslimane gives an overview of the current deadly situation of abortion rights in Morocco and the urgent need for legislative change.

India’s Skewed Sex Ratio and Its Long-Term Implications


BY ALLIE DICHIARA Over one million women demographically go “missing” each year around the world as a result of sex-selective abortion and female infanticide. This trend is especially prevalent in India—a recent report by the Asian Centre for Human Rights found that India’s sex ratio was one of the most skewed in the world,[1] and […]

In the Face of Massive Social Challenge, Start Small


BY MARIE LAWRENCE The behavioral science revolution is officially underway. Nudge, one of the discipline’s most influential trade books, is now on more than 750,000 bookshelves worldwide, and its co-author Richard Thaler is a new Nobel laureate. The Behavioural Insight Team’s (BIT) successful effort to encourage Brits to pay £210 million in overdue taxes found […]

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