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Diasporic Anti-Racism


African history did not begin and end with the Transatlantic Slave Trade. It began with the birth and advancement of human civilization. Ancient Africans weren’t barbaric and uncultured, but the progenitors of modern humanity. From the world’s oldest universities and empires to the shapers of society, Africa was the foundation of humanity. Across the world, […]

Gender, Race and Identity

The Streets Speak in Tongues


I comb through the accent of my adolescent street views and patterns. Deciphering the moral compass that orients its existence. In morse code street peddlers dot, dit, and dash cash flows Bringing movement to our traffic jammed economy. This is a revolt against our arrested feats. Pinned down political beats, whose sub frequencies have yet […]

Reclaiming Our Identity Is Reclaiming Our Dignity


People of Afro-Japanese heritage like me (I am Ghanaian-Japanese) are not considered “true” Japanese due to our darker complexion. People like me are often bullied at school or made to feel like foreigners in our own country. However, we represent Japan too; we are becoming more visible and growing in number. From Naomi Osaka, the […]

I Love who I Have Become


The pandemic has been emotionally overwhelming and transformative – both for personal and professional reasons. There was so much uncertainty about the future and our agency in how we could lead our lives that it was really important to deal with the situation head on. COVID-19 has claimed the lives of many family members and […]

Claiming My Identity’s Journey


This piece is a continuation of the Anti-Racism Policy Journal’s collaboration with Collateral Benefits.

A Lexicon for Climate Justice


*Excerpt from a piece that will be published in the print/and digital editions of The Anti-Racism Policy Journal*

A Lexicon for Climate Justice


Seeking Health Equity in the Post-Covid Era


The pandemic has forced us to confront uncomfortable and longstanding realities about the health disparities facing racialized and otherwise marginalized communities throughout the country. Here’s what we do about it.

source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/niaid/14329622976/in/photolist-nQg4F7-en8Ycg-7cWoPz-7cWoMB-2khgC31-2kwQNQi-RYqcM8-2jwir3r-2kwLwLU-2kwQK8D-2kwQaMp-2kwQMyL-2kwQb9S-SiA87G-2kwQbFZ-phMAB3-2iGjAn2-fJ5FTj-db8FDG-2kimmDQ-TADyiQ-TADywA-RYqcMZ-dEWhu-2kwQPzz-2kwLy5L-dEWk6-xgHefX-2kwLymh-dEWpo-2kwLxqK-2kwQd2p-2kb5BNb-pFPdB8-9UhabY-6BhLit-qrDou7-9V9SLH-2kwLusR-7BtFCw-2kwLx9H-2kwQNbC-dEW7p-dEWfa-2kwLuWm-dEWFJ-dEWao-2kwLvcX-2ksmtZM-2kwLtWL

A Call for Vaccine Equity


The rhetoric surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine has been optimistic, suggesting that it will end the pandemic and bring the US back to “normal.” Yet… we are already seeing a process that will systematically favor those with access and resources.

Asian Americans Should Support Affirmative Action


As Asian American students at Harvard, we do not support the Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) lawsuit. We also condemn the recent decision by the Department of Education and the Department of Justice to rescind federal policy guidelines on affirmative action. Our racial identity and experiences are being used to dismantle civil rights protections, but […]

Fairness and Justice

Cultivating Awareness: A Farm’s Role in Promoting a Healthier, More Equitable Food System


BY JOSEPH MANGANIELLO The first thing I noticed while talking with Andrew Rogers, who runs Clark Farm in Carlisle, Massachusetts, were his large, calloused hands, evidence of a life dedicated to arduous manual labor. It was clear that he invested much of his very being into an unforgiving industry. We are accustomed to enjoying the […]

Call for Submissions

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