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Reclaiming Our Identity Is Reclaiming Our Dignity


People of Afro-Japanese heritage like me (I am Ghanaian-Japanese) are not considered “true” Japanese due to our darker complexion. People like me are often bullied at school or made to feel like foreigners in our own country. However, we represent Japan too; we are becoming more visible and growing in number. From Naomi Osaka, the […]

I Love who I Have Become


The pandemic has been emotionally overwhelming and transformative – both for personal and professional reasons. There was so much uncertainty about the future and our agency in how we could lead our lives that it was really important to deal with the situation head on. COVID-19 has claimed the lives of many family members and […]

Claiming My Identity’s Journey


This piece is a continuation of the Anti-Racism Policy Journal’s collaboration with Collateral Benefits.

A Lexicon for Climate Justice


*Excerpt from a piece that will be published in the print/and digital editions of The Anti-Racism Policy Journal*

A Lexicon for Climate Justice

Calling on the Biden Administration to Lead the Way for a Healthier, Cleaner Future


I spent most of my childhood skateboarding next to a covered landfill near my home in San José, California. From the late-1800s to the mid-1900s, a brick company mined clay along the nearby creek where millions of bricks were made that were used to build San Francisco’s skyline – until it was closed and used […]

Environment and Energy

Transforming Climate Threats into Opportunities for U.S. Latinos


When it comes to climate change and its impact on U.S. Latinos, the facts usually tell a bleak story full of bad news and mounting threats. While there’s no question that climate impacts are real and growing, and that Latinos are on the front lines of those adverse impacts, the story doesn’t have to end […]

Environment and Energy

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