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Apprenticeships in a Shifting Economy: Nevada’s Safer Bet


BY ANDREW SUGRUE More than most states, Nevada suffered greatly during the recent recession. Unemployment peaked at 14 percent in 2010, housing prices had fallen 60 percent by 2011, and as of last year, GDP per capita remained at 20 percent below its pre-recession high. The state’s economy relies heavily on gaming, tourism, entertainment, hospitality […]

Kara Tepe Refugee Camp

Searching for Dignity and Work in Kara Tepe Refugee Camp


BY WEN HOE If you visited Kara Tepe on a Saturday night, you might not guess it is a refugee camp. The main hall bursts with music, men and women dance in white pants and colorful robes, and teens tussle in a three-on-three soccer match outside. A cool breeze carries the day’s heat away from […]

Consider the Source: Can We Tolerate Child Labor in Our Supply Chains and Closets?


BY CAITLIN RYAN Stepping into a makeshift convenience store in Hanoi peddling toiletries and cleaning products, I immediately felt uncomfortable. In a shop smaller than a two-car garage with several rows of tall shelving, a dozen teenagers milled around as if waiting for a task. Numerous security cameras captured the room from different angles and […]

Human Rights

How Could Anyone Not Support the HUDS Strike?


BY ANDREW MCCLURE Last week, the Harvard Kennedy School Student Government (KSSG) voted on a Resolution that would “support the Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS) workers’ decision to strike for a fair contract.” The statement comes after some 700 food service employees have been on strike since October 5, 2016 following the expiration of their […]

Building a Better Business


BY MARINA ZHAVORONKOVA Last year, Netflix made headlines by allowing all employees up to a year of parental leave. In March, Salesforce adjusted the salaries of its employees to the tune of three million dollars to ensure salary equity across genders. Year after year, companies that fall on Fortune or Business Insider’s lists of “best […]

Business and Regulation

Win-Win: How Employers Can Drive Socio-Economic Mobility Through Conscious Hiring


BY MARINA ZHAVORONKOVA AND JONATHAN HUI If you are born poor in America, the way up is through a good job. Low-income workers are disproportionately minorities or women, and both groups are historically underrepresented in the middle-income workforce. More than 54 percent of African American and almost 60 percent of Latino workers make less than […]

Education and Employment in the Arab World


This post is part of a series of reviews summarizing discussions that took place at the 2013 Harvard Arab Weekend. For more information about this event, the largest pan-Arab conference in North America, please visit http://harvardarabweekend.org/ Panel Speakers:   Nafez Dakkak, Manager, Online Education Initiative, Queen Rania Foundation Adel bin Mohammad Fakeih, Minister of Labor, Saudi Arabia […]

Development and Economic Growth

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