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Optimism as a Way of Life


I have always been positive. That was my attitude when at 17 I left Puerto Barros, my hometown, for Guatemala City. Because of the color of my skin and my gender, I suffered from hunger, discrimination, and harassment; but I also met people who helped me in good faith and enabled me to get ahead.

Reimagining Policing In America


Reimagining Community Policing In America

Gender, Race and Identity

Harvard Kennedy School 2021 Diversity Report


Harvard Kennedy School 2021 Diversity Report

Gender, Race and Identity

Exploring the Need for and Benefits of LGBTQA Faculty and Staff Groups in Higher Education


Introduction             Although many colleges and universities have LGBTQA faculty and staff affinity groups or employee resource groups, these groups lack a consistent definition or strategic structure to best serve their members. In this paper, the history of these groups will be detailed, and recommendations will be given based on a review of the current literature […]

Separate But Equal


Realizing the aspirations of Brown requires addressing the panoply of issues perpetuating racial and class divides. We can’t solve segregation at the school district level. Society has to get involved.

We Must Protect Students with Disabilities during COVID-19


Students with disabilities were already on unequal footing before COVID-19. Now, the pandemic is putting their civil rights at risk. The $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill grants Education Secretary Betsy DeVos the authority to ask Congress to waive key protections for special education students afforded by the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), the federal education […]

Teaching Liberal Arts with Illiberal Partners: Reflections on Education Collaboration with China


The rise of China has led to a surge in partnerships between American and Chinese universities. These partnerships offer significant opportunities for American institutions – a potential pool of new students and the possibility of demonstrating the value of free inquiry and the liberal arts to a new audience in China. But they also present […]

Toward an LGBTQ+ Inclusive History Curriculum in Massachusetts


  In my senior year of high school, I spent months gathering everything I could find on LGBTQ+ history for a research presentation. As the day approached, I panicked. It wasn’t that I feared my classmates would explicitly belittle me during the presentation, but rather a feeling of isolation. No one had ever spoken about […]

Higher Education Access: Filling in the Cracks versus Rebuilding the Foundation


BY CHIDI AGU   Accessing the American College Dream There is a persistent and aspirational narrative in the United States that no matter what circumstances one was born into, college can be the great equalizer of opportunity. Imbued within this narrative are two main beliefs. The first is that the United States is a meritocracy […]

When Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Is Not Enough: The Need for Increased School-Based Mental Health Services in Public Schools


BY PRACHI NAIK   “Where I live, people don’t call the police.” There’s a palpable stillness in the room. Thirty-five pairs of adolescent eyes are fixed on Mariely[1] as she quietly, bravely describes witnessing a man get stabbed in front of her house, feeling unable to call the cops for help. Some students silently gesture […]

Arts Education: A Human Right in Kenya?


BY NIMO MATHENGE   I recently met with a young Kenyan thespian traveling throughout the U.S. in search of a career in the arts.  As we reminisced about his college days, he expressed some regret that his education did not include classes that would have adequately prepared him for a successful career in his chosen […]

What Sierra Leone’s Renaissance Teaches Us About the New 21st Century State


A new administration is at the vanguard of African leadership, prioritizing national development in a new model of partnership and possibility BY JENNIFER KAMARA Sierra Leone has adopted a new strategy that is reforming its troubled past, piece by piece. Less than a year into his term, President Julius Maada Bio is leading his country […]

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