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Gentrification Without Displacement? A Cautionary Tale from Brooklyn to Detroit


On my first day home for the holidays this past December, my family and I had only just finished lunch when my father headed out to a funeral for the matriarch of our local, family-run hardware store. In the Brooklyn neighborhood where I grew up, Leopoldi’s Hardware is one of the few shops that has […]

Addressing Inequality through Inclusive and Sustainable Development: Lessons from Detroit


BY ANDREA BLINKHORN AND JONATHAN HUI Driving down Puritan Avenue in the Martin Park neighborhood in northwest Detroit, it’s hard not to feel a sense of emptiness. Many houses are boarded up and crumbling, lying in a state of long-time disrepair that belies the ornate architectural styles that used to define the city. A short […]

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Detroit’s Glimmer of Hope May Leave Some Neighborhoods in the Dark


BY MICHAEL GOOD How does one measure urban revitalization? For the Kresge Foundation in midtown Detroit, it is the sound of hammers clanking on steel beams as formerly empty lots surrounding its offices finally undergo construction. It’s bulldozers and work crews tearing up Woodward Avenue to install tracks for the new M-1 line, a light […]

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