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Affordable Housing: The Balance Between Governments and Private Markets


BY CHRISTOPHER DUTTON Regardless of ethnicity, religion, or sex, homelessness is a persistent issue. The gloomy and humiliating truth for our federal government is that some reports estimate there are five vacant properties for every homeless person. Whether it be the Hoovervilles from the 1930s, Khayelitsha slums in Cape Town, South Africa, or the Dharavi […]

The Tiny House Solution: Accessory Dwelling Units as a Housing Market Fix


BY ALYSSA DAVIS THE additional unit in Raneta Pomeroy’s backyard had always been a problem. When the Santa Cruz, California, resident bought her house in 1993, she knew that its converted garage apartment—or “flat,” as she calls it—was technically illegal. But it was also typical for this growing coastal community. For several years, her teenagers […]

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