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Raiders Of The Lost Harv

Photo by Jonathan Chang.

Photo by Jonathan Chang.

By Simon R. Bone

Harvard’s Loeb Drama Center played host to legendary director Steven Spielberg on Tuesday evening where he discussed the many influences his wide range of experiences had played on his varied and award winning portfolio of work.

In a packed auditorium he detailed how his film career started early with him filming collisions with his toy trains on his father’s Super-8 camera as a young boy. He said he believed that the visceral impact of this set a deep impression on him which came through later in in his first films such as Duel and Jaws.

When discussing the future of film he said he thought that despite all the technological challenges going to the movies as an event would never go away. He gave plenty of advice for aspiring filmmakers in the audience and said that ultimately the more personal a story they could tell the more it would engage with viewers and the more likely it would be a success.