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Journal of Middle Eastern Politics & Policy

Topic / International Relations and Security

Podcast: MBS tours the US; updates from Egypt, Syria, and Turkey

To begin this week’s podcast, Mariam Ghanem updates us on the unsurprising results of the elections in Egypt. Then, Blaire Byg discusses Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s tour of the US, which has included visits with celebrities like Oprah in addition to the more predictable cast of politicians and journalists. It seems that MBS is out to win the hearts and minds of the American public as much as policy-makers. Finally, Nick Norberg gives us a bi-weekly update on the continued siege of Eastern Ghouta in Syria, and Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch.

This week’s episode is hosted by JMEPP Lead Editor Mohamad Saleh, and reporting was contributed by Mariam Ghanem, Blaire Byg, Nick Norberg, and Anna Boots.