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Topic / Social Innovation and Philanthropy

Interview with President of the Ebay Foundation Allie Ottoboni: Corporate Philanthropy

On March 21, 2024, HKS Student Policy Review Senior Editor John McQuillan spoke with Allie Ottoboni. The coversation focused on a range of topics related to corporate philanthropy.

The Ebay Foundation, founded in 1988, serves to help fund non-profit organizations that reduce barriers to entrepreneurship and connects Ebay employees to volunteer opportunities as well as organizations and causes to donate to. Allie Ottoboni has a notable and impressive career in philanthropy. She spent several years as a grant manager for the Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund in San Francisco, before starting her work at the Ebay Foundation, where she has served in various positions, including now four years as president. Allie is also a founding member of Chief and the Impact Table, both of which are organizations dedicated to supporting women leaders.