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HKS Construction Limerick Contest Winning Pieces

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First Place: Charles Skold, MPP 2018

I dreamed of applying to Kennedy
And pictured amazing amenities.
But the sum of its parts
Weren’t quite state of the art—
I hope this construction’s the remedy.

Honorable Mention: Andrew Levine,  MPP 2017

A professor was teaching in Starr,
When a booming sound came from afar,
The room started to shake,
Our of fear of a quake,
He immediately ran to his car.

The whole room was astonished of course,
By the staggering might of the force,
After watching him flee,
They were all filled with glee,
And they shouted until they were hoarse.

We cut now to the desk of the Dean,
When he heard of this staggering scene,
For his budgeting fame,
He had made a great name,
But now he shouted something obscene,

“Surely faculty must all be strong!
And show students in class they belong!
For if they all run,
No more work can be done,
And our graduates may all think wrong!”

So he summoned Professor Mandell,
Who we’re talking about, (Can’t you tell?)
That negotiator
Would be sorry for sure,
And their talk it would surely go well!

But the talk lasted over an hour,
And a resolution did not flower,
And the dean was surprised
For now as you surmised
It appeared now Mandell had the power.

This construction was surely to blame,
For the mess this whole tale soon became,
But the new school will be
Such a fine sight to see,
Let construction go on just the same!