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South Africa needs massive social investment to address development challenges


South Africa needs massive social investment in education and basic infrastructure if the country is to address its current development challenges. The Executive Director, Center for Development and Enterprise, South Africa, Ann Bernstein, stated this during the Growth Lab Development Talks at the Harvard Kennedy School. The theme of her talk was “The Role of […]

Education, Training and Labor

Op-Ed: To effectively combat COVID-19, Africa needs to play offense


I am worried about Africa’s preparedness for the COVID-19 outbreak, and so should everybody else. As at the beginning of March, there were only four cases in Africa spread across Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria. Since then, at least 46 out of 54 countries in Africa have reported cases of COVID-19. On March 28 2020, roughly four […]


In South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa Can Save the ANC


BY STEFAN NORGAARD On February 15, Cyril Ramaphosa assumed the office of South African President after an embattled, beleaguered Jacob Zuma finally resigned. Ramaphosa has an opportunity to lead South Africa toward better democratic governance, improved service delivery, and greater equity. On economic policy, he can thread the needle between sound fiscal management and growth-oriented […]

Mandela – Genius of Restraint


What makes Nelson Mandela a remarkable man? The African National Congress (“ANC”), which ledthe resistance movement against apartheid, is the presentruling party in South Africa. After joining the ANC in 1942, Nelson Mandela initially followed a path of non-violent resistance to end apartheid in South Africa. By 1961, with this approach proving unsuccessful, Mandela co-founded […]

Public Leadership and Management

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