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Photo of al-shabab

Like Afghanistan, U.S. withdrawal from Somalia signals conflict fatigue, with potentially serious consequences for East Africa


By Kevin Uniacke Former U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker recently led a Zoom speaking engagement at the Harvard Kennedy School. The Ambassador discussed the consequences of the 2021 U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, drawing on his extensive diplomatic experience as a Foreign Service Officer for over 37 years and an Ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, […]

After all these headline grabbing reforms, is Ethiopia really open for business?


Despite the hype around Ethiopia’s recent leadership change and political reforms, foreign investment in Ethiopia is still low relative to its potential. Foreign exchange shortages and capital controls are partly to blame. But what can be done to remedy this? Ethiopia’s economy has boomed but foreign investment is in decline The glow around Abiy Ahmed, […]

Ethiopia: Ripe and Open for Business


Individuals readily queue at the door to the visa office at the arrival terminal in the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa. One individual presses the Ethiopian border guard about the timeliness of the process and the absence of concern for travelers’ time. The guard simply responds: “How do we plan for this [inflow]?” The […]

Development and Economic Growth

Vulnerability Analysis and Policy Development in Democratic African States


The development challenges for contemporary democratic states of Africa are enormous. This somewhat sweeping phrase takes for granted the question of whether those countries claiming to be democratic are so in organisation and practice. For instance, only Mauritius was categorised as full democracy out of 44 sub-Saharan African countries evaluated in Democracy Index, 2010; 8 […]

Development and Economic Growth

The Hierarchy of Poor: The Tension Between Favoring Smallholder Farmers or Domestic Consumers in Ethiopian Agricultural Development


Overview: illustrating the challenge in supporting producers and consumers through agricultural policies A pressing challenge facing Ethiopia today is one that has long been a dilemma facing many African governments. This paper discusses the challenge of supporting smallholder farmers while ensuring benefits for consumers. Attaining a balance often involves a tradeoff when policy and economic […]

Development and Economic Growth

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