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Podcast: MBS tours the US; updates from Egypt, Syria, and Turkey


To begin this week’s podcast, Mariam Ghanem updates us on the unsurprising results of the elections in Egypt. Then, Blaire Byg discusses Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s tour of the US, which has included visits with celebrities like Oprah in addition to the more predictable cast of politicians and journalists. It seems that MBS is […]

International Relations and Security

Podcast: Dire humanitarian situation in Eastern Ghouta and elections coming up in Egypt


In this week’s episode of the Middle East Weekly podcast, we discuss the worsening humanitarian situation in Eastern Ghouta, Syria, where over 1,000 people have been killed in 2 weeks and 400,000 families are living under siege, as Bashar al Assad’s forces attack the rebel-held city.

Human Rights

Podcast: Thomas Friedman’s controversial op-ed on Saudi Arabia and the attack on al-Rawda Mosque in Egypt


On this week’s episode of the Middle East Weekly we discuss Thomas Friedman’s recent controversial column “Saudi Arabia’s Arab Spring, at Last” and the attack on al-Rawda Mosque in Egypt’s North Sinai Governorate on November 24, 2017.

Human Rights
Beirut River

Dying of thirst: The Levant’s water worries


Water is the cornerstone of human life – but what happens to countries when they start running out of “blue gold”?

Poverty, Inequality and Opportunity

Homosexuality in Sudan and Egypt: Stories of the Struggle for Survival


ABSTRACT Egyptian and Sudanese legal systems and societies have long led to discrimination and violence against homosexuals. Through a series of anecdotes, this article explores the daily struggles faced by individuals in these conservative and largely Muslim societies. We look for the sources of the discrimination and violence they confront, and we acknowledge that much […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Roots of Discontent: Egypt’s Call for Freedom


BY SANJEEV BERY On January 1, 2011, few would have predicted that Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak would soon be removed from office. But just three weeks later, thousands of Egyptians gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to begin the push for change. In the aftermath of Tunisia’s political shakeup, Egyptian citizens called for an end to […]

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