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LAPJ Interview with Pedro Francke, former Minister of Finance of Peru


Our team discussed with Pedro Francke, former Minister of Finance of Peru. His designation was described by the Guardian as a “relief in Peru as moderate is made finance minister”.

Public Finance

The political leg of policy: the 2021 tax reform that paralyzed Colombia


Colombians were enraged. On May 1st, 2021, amid the third wave of covid-19 cases, a national protest took place where more than 300.000 people blocked roads and cities for more than 50 days. Violence and death sprang on the streets, polarization on social media proved a cracked society, road blockages paralyzed the private sector, and […]

Senator Cory Booker’s Baby Bonds Proposal is a Good Idea, but it Doesn’t Go Far Enough


In 2005, Pope John Paul II died, Liverpool won the UEFA Champions League, and the Dow Jones had not yet broken 11,000. It was also the year in which then Prime Minister Gordon Brown started a radical experiment to provide every child born in the U.K. with a long-term tax-free savings account or “baby bonds.” […]


Incentivizing equity investments to address disproportionate Latino COVID-19 impacts


One of the accepted horrors of the pandemic is that Latinx populations sustain a disproportionately high burden of COVID-19. Take the city of San Antonio and surrounding Bexar county, for example, whose population is 60.7% Latinx.1 Of the COVID-19 cases and deaths where race/ethnicity was identified in the medical report, 75% of cases and 65% […]


The great reset must place economic, social and racial justice at the center


Capitalism as we know it needs to be reformed. The growing discontent at the ideology that has created so much wealth and progress on the one hand, and yet so much inequality and instability on the other hand, is causing increasingly frequent social disruptions across the world. The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare most of […]

Public Finance

Recipe for Success: Invest More in Early Education


I am not a baker. But, like so many others, I have tried my hand at a couple of recipes during these turbulent times. I quickly learned two things: the order of the recipe matters; and, second, flour is essential. Our education system has yet to take the first lesson to heart. Instead of adding […]

Education, Training and Labor

Will the COVID-19 Stimulus Package Strengthen the Case for Central Bank Digital Currency?


When your kitchen is on fire, you wouldn’t want a passcode-protected fire extinguisher, wrapped in triple-sealed packaging, sitting in your garage. Delays in applying your tools can be fatal. With the COVID-19 pandemic rupturing the basic fabric of the global economy, shops around the corner are closing down, and millions of people are starting to […]

Public Finance

The United States Postal Service is Worth Saving


5980 miles. That’s the distance between Shishmaref, Alaska and Boston, Massachusetts. That’s about the same distance from Boston to Mongolia. The cost to send a letter from one point to the other? 55 cents. The same cost to send a letter from Boston to Cambridge. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented economic and financial […]

Public Finance

Can Farmers Save Our Food System?


Diet-related diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States. Poor diet is associated with ailments such as heart disease, cancer, and Type 2 diabetes, which together kill nearly 678,000 Americans annually — a number that far exceeds current projected deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S.[i] Having worked in both the farming and […]


Germany Drew the Wrong Lessons From Its 1923 Hyperinflation


In recent years, the political discourse in Germany has been critical of the European Union and its institutions. This includes harsh criticism of the European Central Bank (ECB) regarding its response to the Euro crisis. One focal point of this criticism related to the ECB’s purchases of government debt, particularly its program of “Outright Monetary […]

Interview of Dr. Albert Zeufack, World Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa


Dr. Albert Zeufack sat with our lead interview editor, Mez Belo-Osagie.  Dr. Zeufack answered questions on a wide variety of topics including his career path in academia and policy-making, digitization, Africa’s infrastructure gap, and Chinese engagement with the African continent.


Interest Rates Must Remain Disinterested: The Growing Threat to Central Bank Independence and Why It Must Be Preserved


Of the many possible sites for a heated political showdown, the target federal funds rate hardly registers on the front lines. Yet in December 2018, US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to decry the US Federal Reserve’s decision to raise its benchmark rate. Breaking more than two decades of White House silence on monetary […]

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