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The Citizen

A Tribute to the MC-MPA Class of 2015

SaadBy Fayrouz Saad, MC-MPA 2015
(To the theme of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

Now, this is a story all about how
Our lives got flipped turned upside down
This will only take a minute
So don’t you move
Here’s the story of the mid-career students at Harvard Kennedy School

All around the World born and raised
Saving the World is how we spent most of our days
Working for Ministers, Presidents and taking down dictators
Living the dream, nothing could be greater
When one day, a letter came
Congratulations, in your favor a decision was made
Make your decision and don’t you flinch
They said ‘You’re movin’ to Harvard, Welcome to Cambridge”

We begged and pleaded for a little more money
But Harvard just shrugged “It’s now or never honey”
So we gave our families a kiss and bought a ticket
And said “It’ll be a year break, ‘we might as well kick it’.

Summer class, yo this is bad
Quant and econ and all we have to do is pass.
Is this what the students of Harvard live like?
Hmmmmm this mid-life crisis might be alright.

But wait, not so quick, they have got to be kidding
There’s coursework, requirements, and can you please re-explain bidding??
Constant decisions
Now that we’re here
Heifetz or O’Brian, just a 1000 points for the year!
Well, spring semester came and we got the groove
Leading KSSG and school treks, we’re on the move
We’re taking our places, rightfully so
Now we just got here, and it’s time to go!

Just last year we showed up to the forum about 8 or 9
In time to hear Frank Hartman’s opening line
“There was no mistake, you’re meant to be here”
Well, we’re almost there
To sit on our thrones as leaders from every where