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A Celvino Digital, Not a ‘Baby’

By Rosalia Gutierrez-Huete Miller, Culture Editor, MC/MPA ‘12

After several conversations with the Administration gurus of HKS, including Dean Ellwood, who gave a resounding “yes” when I asked him if he would support the idea of a piano, the newly established (founded this year) ArtsPIC, found a donor.

Space is so tight around the school that it begged the question, “where are you going to put it” asked by Melissa Wojciechowski, Director of Student Services, when I met with her. After a donor was found, space was promised. Dean of Students, Chris Fortunato, gave it a go.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a day when the “heart” symbol is so compelling, and nouns such as “love”, “embrace” and “kiss” have a stronger presence in our lives, this piano, our piano, becomes a symbol of love as we collaboratively embrace each other through music. When the piano is all set up, we will learn where it will be placed and how and when it can be played. I envision students’ concerts, dancing performances and the opportunity to create music.

What seemed impossible in the fall, when the idea of having a piano came up, has become a reality. Not a baby–a baby grand simply would not fit anywhere in the school. A Celvino Digital does! It’s transportable (Littauer to Taubman and vice-versa) and because it’s digital, it doesn’t need tuning.  The sound is grand. Terribly practical!

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