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The War on Drugs and Violence in Latin America: Time to Hit Reset


Note: This article is featured in the Kennedy School Review’s 2022 print journal. The War on Drugs and Violence in Latin America: Time to Hit Reset Latin America is the most violent region in the world, with only 8 percent of the global population accounting for 38 percent of the global share of murder. That […]

Democracy and Governance

Menstrual Equity in US Prisons and Jails: A Gender-Based Analysis and Policy Responses


Summary Across the United States, many incarcerated people have inadequate access to menstrual products. Because policies that surround requiring access to menstrual products vary from state to state, incarcerated menstruators are denied “menstrual equity,” or sufficient access to menstrual products regardless of their circumstances.[1] One reason for the lack of inclusive policies regarding menstruation is […]

Expanding Postpartum Medicaid Coverage: A Racial and Gender Justice Imperative


American society was not built for birthing people to thrive—or at times even to survive. The United States lacks paid parental leave and universal childcare policies and has the highest rate of maternal mortality among all industrialized countries. There are stark racial disparities in the maternal mortality rate in the United States: Black mothers die […]

COVID-19 Policy-making Failed U.S. Workers: Labor organizing can deliver where legislators have stalled


The pandemic prompted many to think about how work shapes our own lives. It also highlighted how reliant we all are on the labor of others. While higher paid workers transitioned to remote work, others had little choice but to continue going to their jobs in person. These workers exposed themselves and their families to […]

Intent to Destroy: Reproductive Violence against Uyghurs as a Weapon of Genocide in China


Background China is a multi-ethnic country comprising 56 ethnic groups, with the predominant religion being Buddhism. The Han ethnic majority group represents 91.5 percent of the population, while 55 ethnic minority groups account for 8.5 percent.[i] Uyghur Muslims represent 0.31 percent of China’s population. The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, located in China’s northwest, is the […]

Reasons to Doubt the “End of Streaming” in Singapore


Will the introduction of Full Subject-Based Banding (FSBB) eliminate streaming in Singaporean schools? Cameron Kheng argues that the policy does not succeed in doing so, risking many of the same inequalities that a system of streaming had been criticized for perpetuating. He identifies ways to improve FSBB, reflecting on how to push the policy beyond its underlying logic of economic pragmatism.

Education, Training and Labor

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