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Kennedy School MPP1s Tackle Immigration Reform


By Alen Amini Harvard Kennedy School MPP1 candidates have spent the past two weeks addressing immigration reform in the United States as part of their first year capstone, spring exercise. Students, in diverse groups of 5-6 first year classmates, are tasked with analyzing employment, family, diversity, and refugee based visa allotments for immigrants seeking legal […]

Don’t Neglect Student Voices, Keep Steve Jarding


Adam LaRose and Erika Ferguson The first time we sat in Steve Jarding’s course, we were very inspired by his appeal to the class; he offered a moving story about why we and our fellow classmates should accept the most demanding call to public service: running for office. He was not shy about the fact […]

Infrastructure Development in Fragile Economies Will Foster Better African Integration


Africa suffers from a pronounced infrastructure deficit, particularly in energy and transportation. Coupled with burdensome trade regulations, these deficiencies have constrained gains in domestic productivity and present a critical bottleneck to more regional integration. African countries need to focus on constructing efficient and secure national and cross-border physical infrastructure as well as a coherent system […]

Development and Economic Growth

One-Dollar Village: The Nepal Earthquake A Year Later


BY SAMIK ADHIKARI Kami Chiri Sherpa had high hopes for himself and his family. He dreamed of leaving his job as a trekking guide in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal for a job in Poland, where he could make more money and provide his family with a better life. A couple of years ago, he […]

Where Are the Brothas? How the Continued Erasure of Black Men’s Voices on the Marriage Question Perpetuates the Black Male Deficit


In 2009, Linsey Davis, a Black female correspondent for the ABC News, wrote a feature article for Nightline. She had one question: “Why are successful Black women the least likely than any other race or gender to marry?” Her story went viral, sparking a national debate. Within the year, social media, newsrooms, self-help books, Black […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Science and Diplomacy for Solving Humanity’s Big Issues: U.S Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz on Iran


  The Harvard Kennedy School hosted Secretary Ernest Moniz as part of The Robert McNamara Lecture on War and Peace, co-sponsored by the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs on April 14th, 2016. Dr. Moniz focused a large part of his discussion on the Iran negotiations, specifically the role science played in fostering an […]

Environment and Energy

The UN Special Session on Drugs: A Moment to Recognize the Tragedy of a Failed Policy


BY TANIA DEL RIO The war on drugs is fueling conflict and destroying families. It is time for the global community to recognize that after 50 years of failure, the only practical and humane policy is to end the punitive approach by decriminalizing mild substances and controlling toxic ones. This week’s UN Special Session on […]

Fairness and Justice

Facing the Technological Revolution in Latin America: How to Keep the Pace?


An interview with Diego Molano Vega, Minister of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia. Diego Molano Vega has been the Minister of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia since 2010. In this interview, he reveals his perspective on one of the most challenging issues for the development of Latin America: keeping pace with the changes […]

Science, Technology and Data

Remembering History and Reaffirming Democracy: The Case of the Chilean Transition to Democracy


Abstract This article advocates for the daily reaffirmation of democracy and protection of human rights in Latin America by politicians and civil society alike. Through the remembrance of the Chilean transition to democracy, the article highlights the tremendous costs that Chileans assumed to move Chile towards a consolidated democracy and the many years it has […]

Democracy and Governance

Escape the ____’s Room: Deconstructing Gender Neutral Bathrooms at HKS


In a place that prices social currency through inclusion, I was surprised to hear cynicism sprinkled atop confusion from my staked-out study spot on the HKS campus. But here, sandwiched between office hours and problem sets, I again heard discussion of HKS’ new gender neutral bathrooms float through the halls. “I just don’t get ‘gender […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Making Every School an Accessible School


Education policy in Singapore has attracted much attention of late. In the recent parliamentary speeches, Ms Denise Phua (MP, Jalan Besar GRC) commented on how the Direct Admission System disproportionally benefits wealthy families. Mr Png Eng Huat (MP, Hougang) also expressed worries about the billion-dollar tuition culture. A good primary education is perceived to be […]

Education, Training and Labor

Interview with Dr. Banafsheh Keynoush: Iranian Influence in MENA


Banafsheh Keynoush is an international geopolitical consultant, foreign affairs scholar, and author of “Saudi Arabia and Iran: Friends or Foes?” (Palgrave Macmillan, February 2016).  The book is based on dozens of interviews with Saudi and Iranian leaders, politicians and decision makers, and rich archival material collected and made available for the first time in English. […]

International Relations and Security

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