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Unread & Undead: The Citizen Hosts Fall Event

IMG_3817[1]Starr Auditorium is not a regular Friday night haunt for most Kennedy School students. But when it’s Halloween – all bets are off!

Many say that print journalism is dying out—a dinosaur in an era of digital media. We at The Citizen disagree. As a satire on this premise, this student print newspaper hosted our Fall Event, “Unread & Undead,” to shine a new spotlight on something many consider already dead: zombies.

The Citizen hosted approximately 40 Harvard students to a special Halloween screening of  the horror movie “The Dead Matter.” This zombie film featured HKS Lecturer Dr. Christopher Robichaud, who played Frank – the smart-aleck friend. Called a horror film for horror film fans, “The Dead Matter” was once named DVD of the Month. Dr. Robichaud was among the team who helped raise $1 million for its production and release.

Dr. Robichaud introduced the film, gave some of the history of its production, and shined new light on zombies in popular media. As several of his students are aware, Dr. Robichaud has incorporated zombies, games, and games about zombies into his teaching and research.

IMG_3823[1]Set in the mystical land of Ohio, “The Dead Matter” follows four friends as they battle against zombies and vampires in a story of redemption, love, and intrigue

At the end of the screening, a costume contest saw an angel beat out Maleficent and Mitch McConnell for the top prize: a limited-edition DVD of “The Dead Matter.”