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In Humanitarian Crises, Periods are a Public Health Issue


BY IRA GUHA AND DANIELA PHILIPSON Last April, cyclone Idai killed over a thousand people and displaced over three million across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Of those affected, approximately 650,000 people were particularly at risk – because they have periods. Menstrual hygiene is an urgent public health and policy issue that is frequently overlooked during […]

Centering Women of Color through Intersectional Policymaking: Let’s Start with Abortion Access


BY AMANDA MATOS Womanhood is not a monolith, and yet policy makers—and the legislation they champion—treat women as if they are all of one race, class, and sexual identity. While political, public rhetoric around women’s empowerment may rally the masses, it also projects a naïve idea that all women’s experiences are the same. True solidarity […]

A Woman’s Policy Guide to the Trump Administration


BY MARYROSE MAZZOLA It’s now been over a month since Election Day. If you’re a progressive voter like me, you’ve probably cried (potentially on public transportation), read at least a dozen think pieces about how this happened, and rage donated your heart out. All of that is cathartic – and necessary, given the role that […]

Fight for Reproductive Rights in Texas Continues Even After Supreme Court Ruling


BY LAUREN WINDMEYER For a woman in Lubbock, Texas to access an abortion provider, she must get in her car and drive 350 miles to the nearest clinic in Fort Worth. She must arrive at the clinic a full 24 hours before her procedure to receive an ultrasound, as mandated by the state. If she […]

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: The Impact of Sex-Selective Abortion Bans on Asian American and Pacific Islander Women


Abstract Increasingly, a type of abortion ban that exploits the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community is becoming a trend in the United States. Using racial stereotypes and relying on information from Asian countries, lawmakers are passing laws that criminalize doctors for performing abortions that are based on the sex of the fetus. Sex-selective […]


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