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Germany’s Unique Opportunity To Strengthen European Security Cooperation


BY ALEXANDER MEDGETT In March 2017, Germany’s foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, stated that the two percent of GDP defense spending goals agreed upon by NATO members at the 2006 Riga summit were ‘totally unrealistic’ for Germany. Gabriel’s statement comes in light of Rex Tillerson’s recent appeal that all NATO member states should remain committed to […]

Bipartisanship in the 115th Congress


BY ANDREAS WESTGAARD As the 115th Congress continues to battle on issues like the Affordable Care Act, judicial nominations, and cabinet appointments, the media and partisans alike will hype the pervasive politics-as-blood-sport narrative. Diverging from that narrative, this piece focuses instead on what Republicans and Democrats could actually work on together. While bipartisan proposals will […]


Trump and his EPA Director Want to Bring Back Coal, The Free Market has Other Ideas


BY VIKRAM JANARDHAN Donald Trump has followed through with his promise to undo many Obama-era policies regarding energy and the environment. He has lifted the moratorium on mining coal on federal lands, and his proposed budget calls for a 31 percent cut in funding for the EPA, bringing the agency’s budget to its lowest level […]

Environment and Energy

President Trump: Distressed Asset


BY MATTHEW HASSETT Last week, President Trump released a letter from his tax attorneys in response to Senator Lindsay Graham’s interest in the Trump Organization’s financial ties to Russia. It raises far more questions than answers. Despite all sorts of speculation and inquiry about President Trump’s labyrinthine real estate empire and the sizable potential for conflicts of interest, President […]


The Trump Era Shifts Social Innovation Agendas


BY MATTHEW SPECTOR The first months of the Trump administration have radically reshaped the calculus of social entrepreneurship. Institutions that opened themselves to public accountability during the Obama years now face little demand to adhere to the transparency and environmental rules they helped negotiate. At Harvard’s Social Enterprise Conference (SECON) this year, reflections from local […]

Trump’s Executive Order Attacks the America I Know and Love


BY SHANOOR SEERVAI In this moment, America is not mine. It cannot be—it is not like anything I have seen. I came here in 2007, one year before Barack Obama was elected our president. Our president, because America was mine then. Not mine in passport—I’m an Indian citizen—but in what I believe is worth fighting […]


Iraq’s Kurds should play their Trump card


Iraqi Kurds’ desire for an independent state may finally meet with US support now that Donald Trump is president.

Human Rights

Trump’s War on Trade


BY ADITI KUMAR Donald Trump declared last week that he “doesn’t mind” starting a trade war with Mexico “when we’re losing $58 billion a year.” Not only is this a gross mischaracterization of our trade relationship, it also suggests a trade policy that will harm U.S. economic and political interests. Clearly, many aspects of U.S. […]

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