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Why We Don’t Support Traffic Enforcement


Emily Wade and Elissa Schufman of Our Streets Minneapolis explain why traffic enforcement is not a good strategy to make streets better places to bike, walk, and roll, and urge governments at all levels to take bold alternative approaches to traffic safety.

Of Kings, Pawns and Horse-Trading: Barriers to Transportation Solutions in the Philippines


World War II leveled Manila. The war destroyed infrastructure and seriously damaged critical parts of Southeast Asia’s first railway system. In response to the devastation and operators’ failure to address transportation demands, army-surplus trucks were repurposed into “Jeepneys” intended to accommodate 16–24 passengers. Temporary certificates to operate were extended to underfinanced operators so long as […]

Movement Matters: Why We Should Commit to Universal Basic Mobility


Whether by car, train, foot, wheelchair, bike, or any of the other ways humanity has invented to move through the places we call home, just about everybody relies on transportation systems as part of their daily lives. This is not new and is not likely to change. But if the headlines are to be believed, […]

Amtrak and the Ethics of Influence


Amtrak wants you to buy travel insurance, even if it’s not in your best interest. BY ELLIOTT JAMES You pick your fare, decline to bring your Scottish Terrier, fill in your credit card details and hit “continue,” with a breeziness that makes you feel like you’re already hurtling down the Northeast Corridor towards Manhattan. Only […]

Reimagining Transportation in Massachusetts


Agile, iterative, pilot, scrum—these phrases may be common in the world of software development, but one would hardly expect to hear them tossed around the austere marble corridors of state government.  Yet they are common parlance in the Massachusetts Governor’s Office, where a nimble squad of problem-solvers is using every cutting-edge tool in the toolbox […]

Cities and Communities

The Key to Reducing Carbon Emissions: Revolutionizing Mobility


BY AMY ZHOU Even non-Californians took notice of what Governor Jerry Brown has been up to this summer. Following through on his public denouncement of President Trump’s stance on climate change, Brown traveled to China for a high-profile meeting with Xi Jinping and signed an extension of his landmark cap-and-trade program to 2030 into law. […]

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