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A photo of the Texas Statehouse

Regardless of Roe: How the Texas GOP Perfected the Anti-Abortion Playbook


Texas serves as a model for making abortion nearly unattainable, even while constitutionally protected. The fight for safe and legal abortion cannot end at SB8, nor can it end at keeping Roe intact in its current form. It has to go further.

Fight for Reproductive Rights in Texas Continues Even After Supreme Court Ruling


BY LAUREN WINDMEYER For a woman in Lubbock, Texas to access an abortion provider, she must get in her car and drive 350 miles to the nearest clinic in Fort Worth. She must arrive at the clinic a full 24 hours before her procedure to receive an ultrasound, as mandated by the state. If she […]

Lessons from a Canvasser: Targeted Elections and Medicaid Expansion


BY TAYLOR WOODS It has been a love-fest on the campaign trail this year. During weekends in October and the days leading up to Election Day, I’ve been a volunteer canvasser knocking on doors for Mike Michaud’s run for governor of Maine, US Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s reelection campaign in New Hampshire, and Wendy Davis’s run […]


Long-Winded Texans: Wendy Davis vs. Ted Cruz


BY ADRIENNE MURPHY Anyone who follows recent political news knows that Texans like to talk. First, there was the stylish, hot-pink Mizuno sporting Wendy Davis and her fervent defense of abortion rights. Then came the fiery, Dr. Seuss-quoting Ted Cruz and his passionate opposition to Obamacare. Thirty-two hours and hundreds of thousands of words later, […]

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