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Seeking Health Equity in the Post-Covid Era


The pandemic has forced us to confront uncomfortable and longstanding realities about the health disparities facing racialized and otherwise marginalized communities throughout the country. Here’s what we do about it.

source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/niaid/14329622976/in/photolist-nQg4F7-en8Ycg-7cWoPz-7cWoMB-2khgC31-2kwQNQi-RYqcM8-2jwir3r-2kwLwLU-2kwQK8D-2kwQaMp-2kwQMyL-2kwQb9S-SiA87G-2kwQbFZ-phMAB3-2iGjAn2-fJ5FTj-db8FDG-2kimmDQ-TADyiQ-TADywA-RYqcMZ-dEWhu-2kwQPzz-2kwLy5L-dEWk6-xgHefX-2kwLymh-dEWpo-2kwLxqK-2kwQd2p-2kb5BNb-pFPdB8-9UhabY-6BhLit-qrDou7-9V9SLH-2kwLusR-7BtFCw-2kwLx9H-2kwQNbC-dEW7p-dEWfa-2kwLuWm-dEWFJ-dEWao-2kwLvcX-2ksmtZM-2kwLtWL

A Call for Vaccine Equity


The rhetoric surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine has been optimistic, suggesting that it will end the pandemic and bring the US back to “normal.” Yet… we are already seeing a process that will systematically favor those with access and resources.

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