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Why We Don’t Support Traffic Enforcement


Emily Wade and Elissa Schufman of Our Streets Minneapolis explain why traffic enforcement is not a good strategy to make streets better places to bike, walk, and roll, and urge governments at all levels to take bold alternative approaches to traffic safety.

Capitol Rioters Have Not Lost Control


With more pro-Trump actions planned before Joe Biden’s inauguration, it is crucial we address the real shortcomings of Capitol Police: their sympathy towards and involvement in white supremacy. 

Techno-Populism Won’t Help in the Apple vs FBI Debate


BY HUGO ZYLBERBERG When I first read Tim Cook’s “Message to [Apple’s] customers,” I felt on the receiving end of a marketing push. Sure, I agree the government should not be able to read my online diary, and sure, I agree the government should not be able to weaken encryption for everyone. But the real […]

Apple’s Encryption Battle: February 17, 1984/2016


BY KATIE D’HONDT Today, Apple released an open letter defying the U.S. government, the first of its kind. In the wake of the San Bernardino attack, a U.S. federal judge has mandated that Apple build software that will allow the government to break the encryption that safeguards the data of all Apple products – a […]

Traversing Borders: Possibilities for Art Informing Public Policy Analysis


Art opens up the door of interpretative possibilities—art can link us to new ways of seeing the everyday and can expand new modes of inquiry that hold potential to deeply inform public policy. Dominant literature in public policy relies heavily on quantitative forms of analysis and, more recently with a methodological shift away from positivist […]

Gender, Race and Identity

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