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#EnaZeda: A Women’s Revolution of our Bodies for our Bodies


The 2011 Tunisian revolution that ousted a dictator and security state rule, did not only change the country’s political system, but it impacted all aspects of Tunisian life, especially for women. The most recent national election, in October 2019, brought a new independent President to power. Met with celebration, Tunisians appeared eager to start a […]

An Untold Story: The Need to Address Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Refugee Boys


At the young age of 12, Mohammad’s family sold him to an older man to serve as a bacha, or boy child entertainer.[1] In this role, he would have to dance, sing, and sometimes provide sex for the man who owned him. Mohammad escaped quickly and embarked on the 3,500-mile journey from Afghanistan to Europe, […]

Human Rights

When Parity Is Not Enough: Sexual Violence in India’s Armed Conflict


  In October 2018, the Supreme Court of India turned down a plea by the Central and Chhattisgarh governments to adjourn a case challenging the retention of members of a banned tribal[1] militia in official state forces. The governments justified their appeal on the grounds that the matter was “sensitive” and could affect the results […]

In South Korea, Being Drunk Is a Legal Defense for Rape


October 20, 2020 is a day that Na-Yeong and her family dread, and one that most South Koreans resent. It is the day the man who brutally raped 8-year-old Na-Yeong while drunk, leaving her with lifelong physical and mental disabilities, will be released from a prison in Pohang, South Korea. In 2008, Cho Doo-Soon was […]

Gender, Race and Identity

How can I be there for you?


Responding to sexual violence – an appeal in times of distress “Always assume women around you have undergone sexual abuse in their lives unless stated otherwise,” said my friend, in a heart-wrenching remark. According to UN Women, 35% of women around the world have experienced sexual violence at some point in their lives. India, where […]

When “Good” People Commit “Bad” Acts: #MeToo Revisited


BY MICAH MELIA Brett Kavanaugh is the latest name embroiled in the #metoo movement. For the last week, we’ve heard countless voices weigh in on how multiple allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment should shape his confirmation hearing. The tone is different—we’re not talking about Hollywood, we’re not talking about the office—but really, we’ve […]

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