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Can Conservatism Be More Than a Grudge?


Diagnosing why the Republican Party is failing to offer a positive vision to voters.


Interview with Congressman Jason Chaffetz: The Future of the Republican Party


BY DINA MONTEMARANO Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) was elected to Congress in 2008. While in Congress, he served as the Chairman of the Oversight and & Government Reform Committee. He left Congress in June of 2017. Previously, Congressman Chaffetz served as Chief of Staff for the Governor of Utah. This interview was conducted on Monday, November […]

The Republican Party Must Return to Christian Values


BY STEVEN BRANDT A few weeks ago, right after the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas, I traveled to Dallas to see my grandfather…

Musings of a Woke Black Republican


BY ADDISON P. BERRY It has been more than 50 years since a Republican presidential nominee has received more than 30% of the black vote. And thanks to President Trump’s coziness with white nationalists, it may be another 50 years before the GOP is able to penetrate the Democratic party’s seemingly impermeable hold on black […]

Interview with Governor Howard Dean: Rebuilding the Democratic Party


BY LIZ HANSON Governor Dean is not interested in rehashing the 2016 election. There are a range of reasons he believes contributed to Secretary Hillary Clinton’s loss on November 8th, but that is all, as he puts it, “hindsight.” While he rattled off a few—globalization, populism, Russian influence, Jim Comey—he was more interested in looking […]

Interview: Steven Brandt, a Conservative Voice at HKS


BY ANDY VO At a campus like Harvard, it can be hard to find a conservative millennial. I initially reached out to Steven to discuss what it was like being just 23 years old and already a Masters student at HKS on a fellowship through the Air Force Academy. We met at Algiers Café, and […]


A Historical Overview: Japanese American Internment in the 1940’s and Muslim Registry in the 2010’s under President-elect Trump


Members of President-elect Donald J. Trump’s transition team made headlines when they doubled down on a proposal to reinstate a registry of immigrants and visitors from Muslim countries. While history has shown that blanket discrimination of Americans by race, national origin, or religion is both wrongheaded and ineffective, Trump’s team inadequately cited internment of Japanese Americans during […]

Fear and Loathing in New Hampshire: Five Takeaways from the Republican Presidential Debate


BY ANDREAS WESTGAARD This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Republican presidential debate in Manchester, New Hampshire. Just five days after the Iowa caucus, this past Saturday’s debate was important for the current frontrunners and even more crucial for those contenders hoping to remain relevant after the Granite State’s primary on February 9. […]

We Are Donald Trump


BY RYAN COHEN Playing on the fears that President Obama decried in his public address earlier this month, Donald Trump proposed that the United States bar Muslims from entry, including re-entry of Muslim U.S. citizens traveling abroad. It’s easy to deride this proposal as intolerant, unconstitutional, and abhorrent, as many have done. What’s more difficult—and […]


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