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Radical Market Electoral Reform


BY SAGAR DESHPANDE and KEN INSLEY The United States of America is the oldest continuous democracy in the world, but despite the storied history of our government, American civic participation remains abysmally low. Americans feel so disconnected from their political system that during mid-term elections, the majority are not participants in their own democracy.  In most states, only about a third of […]

How Can We Save the DNC?


BY JAMES PAGANO The Democratic National Committee is in trouble. Revelations by former Interim Chairwoman Donna Brazile have re-aggravated still-open wounds from the 2016 primary battle. If the DNC can’t quickly re-establish itself as a neutral arbiter of party functions, current suspicions that the party systematically favors specific candidates will metastasize in voters’ minds, depressing […]

How Changes to the Primary Process Can Improve Democratic Electoral Outcomes


BY JAMES PAGANO As the dust settles on the 2016 Presidential Election, the Democratic Party will begin a process of deep self-reflection. If the past week is any indication, the party will analyze what happened in 2016 with a specific focus on improving its future electoral prospects among rural white working-class voters. The shocking upset […]

Democracy and Governance

Fear and Loathing in New Hampshire: Five Takeaways from the Republican Presidential Debate


BY ANDREAS WESTGAARD This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Republican presidential debate in Manchester, New Hampshire. Just five days after the Iowa caucus, this past Saturday’s debate was important for the current frontrunners and even more crucial for those contenders hoping to remain relevant after the Granite State’s primary on February 9. […]

New Hampshire: A Reason to be Proud


  BY LUCY BOYD Driving from Boston to Manchester, N.H., on Friday through the blistering blizzard weather, I had no idea what to expect. As someone from New Orleans, this was my first primary election (and first drive through a snow storm, I might add). We arrived at the Hilton Hotel to news crews, volunteers, […]

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