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Barack Obama Made America Great Again


BY NICK BUFFIE During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump ran under the slogan “Make America Great Again”. Although the first three words of the slogan were uncontroversial, the last one – “Again” – led many observers to wonder what bygone era Trump was referencing. His harshest critics claimed that he was referring to a […]

Obama’s Valedictory: The Global President Turns Domestic


BY CHARLIE SHANDIL Throughout his tenure as the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama has changed the sheer fabric of government business, and has been deemed the ‘Startup President’ for using the tech sector as an asset, and the ‘Climate President’ for driving global outcomes to combat climate change – all […]


President Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy


BY ALI WYNE If one takes stock of the present disorder in world affairs, the verdict on President Barack Obama’s foreign policy would seem self-evident: it was a failure. Critics would adduce a long litany of examples—the weakening of transatlantic ties, the disintegration of the Middle East (with particular focus on the horrors that have […]

International Relations and Security

Meeting President Obama: A Farewell to Representation


BY ELORM AVAKAME, PANGYRUS One day last fall, at a small campus in the heart of New England, I stood on an arena floor no more than 20 feet from the front of the stage on which Barack Obama would speak. Hundreds of people stood on the floor around me. Hundreds more were packed into […]


Presumptions, Prerogatives, and Power: Why Foreign Policy is Too Easy for Presidents, and Domestic Policy is Too Hard


BY JACOB SHELLY When President Obama stood outside the Blue Room on September 10th to announce a major expansion of airstrikes in the Middle East, he explained that he had no other choice. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), he warned, poses a threat to the entire region — including American citizens, personnel, […]


The Obama Administration’s Role in Iraqi Violence


BY MATTHEW VIGEANT For the first time in two years, Iraq is back on many Americans’ radars. The media has flashed alerts about Al Qaeda taking over cities in Anbar Province, and death tolls being at their highest since 2008. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration and Congress blame each other for the violence as they debate […]

International Relations and Security

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