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Advocating for Intersectional Sex Worker Representation In Academia


The lives of sex workers and the obstacles they face are starkly unexplored in academic literature. Contrary to past connotations of sex work involving only prostitution, the digital age has inspired countless outlets for people to make money by selling their time, images, videos, or by webcamming (Amir, 2020). The normalization of sex work in […]

Apprenticeships in a Shifting Economy: Nevada’s Safer Bet


BY ANDREW SUGRUE More than most states, Nevada suffered greatly during the recent recession. Unemployment peaked at 14 percent in 2010, housing prices had fallen 60 percent by 2011, and as of last year, GDP per capita remained at 20 percent below its pre-recession high. The state’s economy relies heavily on gaming, tourism, entertainment, hospitality […]

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