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Making The Cut: The Ramifications of Drug Pricing Reform in the U.S.


Astronomically high drug prices are not a new issue in the wild world that is United States healthcare. The U.S. tends to spend far more on the same prescription medications than most of the world, and this has significant impacts on patients’ health and financial outcomes. Forty percent of patients attribute difficulty affording medications as […]

Lessons from a Canvasser: Targeted Elections and Medicaid Expansion


BY TAYLOR WOODS It has been a love-fest on the campaign trail this year. During weekends in October and the days leading up to Election Day, I’ve been a volunteer canvasser knocking on doors for Mike Michaud’s run for governor of Maine, US Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s reelection campaign in New Hampshire, and Wendy Davis’s run […]


Medicaid Parity for Pacific Migrant Populations in the United States


Abstract Under the Compact of Free Association (COFA), citizens from Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands—also known as COFA migrants—are granted broad migration rights in exchange for providing the United States the use of and access to strategic military defense positioning in the Pacific. For many years, these […]

Social Policy

Who is Medicaid Missing? What I learned in “Introduction to U.S. Health Care Policy” shocked me


BY KARLY SCHLEDWITZ With a historic overhaul of our health care system underway, I felt like a good public policy student should understand the basics of American health policy. Dutifully, I enrolled in “Introduction to U.S. Health Policy,” a semester-long course co-taught by Sheila Burke and Richard Frank. I knew there would be new vocabulary […]

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