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Cover Image Soud Hyder

#APJChat: Soud Hyder


APJ Online Editor Shambhavi Singh speaks with Soud Hyder, Founder of Chap-chap Go, about his transition to building his company and advice for other African entrepreneurs interested in digital entrepreneurship, on this edition of the #APJChat

Business and Regulation

Back to School in Kenya: How 152,000 New Teen Mothers Can Resume Their Education


Policy ideas to help young mothers in Kenya return to school after the pandemic.


Arts Education: A Human Right in Kenya?


I recently met with a young Kenyan thespian traveling throughout the U.S. in search of a career in the arts.  As we reminisced about his college days, he expressed some regret that his education did not include classes that would have adequately prepared him for a successful career in his chosen profession, despite having attended […]

Education, Training and Labor
AMISOM Troops Capture Territory from Insurgents in North Mogadishu

Somalia left in the lurch as peacekeepers withdraw


In recent weeks, Ethiopia has been withdrawing its troops from the strategic Hiraan region in southern Somalia, where Al Shabab militants have battled the Somali army and African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) peacekeeping forces. Reports indicate that Ethiopian troops have also withdrawn from Halgan, El Ali and Tiyeglow in Somalia’s Bakool region. The withdrawal paves […]

International Relations and Security

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