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The Presumption of Good Faith: The Kavanaugh Debate


BY TOBY VOGHT The British barrister Sir William Gallow famously coined the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” in the early nineteenth century.  The presumption of innocence quickly hopped the Atlantic and has been critical to the American pursuit of a more perfect judiciary. But the highly contentious nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh generated debate about […]

Kavanaugh is dangerous — even if he’s innocent


I watched the Brett Kavanuagh hearing stunned, in disbelief over the fact that the angry man in the TV was truly a Supreme Court justice nominee. The deterioration of moral quality of our leaders concerns me greatly. I believe that if Kavanaugh was a leader who this country needs in the Supreme Court, regardless of […]

The Kavanaugh Hearing Exposes Fundamental Flaws in the U.S. Political System


BY MATT MCDOLE Last week’s Congressional hearing on sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was a painful moment for many Americans. 20 million watched on television and many more tuned in online – CNN reported this year’s biggest day of live-streaming yet – as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford tearfully recounted being sexually […]

How can I be there for you?


Responding to sexual violence – an appeal in times of distress “Always assume women around you have undergone sexual abuse in their lives unless stated otherwise,” said my friend, in a heart-wrenching remark. According to UN Women, 35% of women around the world have experienced sexual violence at some point in their lives. India, where […]

When “Good” People Commit “Bad” Acts: #MeToo Revisited


BY MICAH MELIA Brett Kavanaugh is the latest name embroiled in the #metoo movement. For the last week, we’ve heard countless voices weigh in on how multiple allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment should shape his confirmation hearing. The tone is different—we’re not talking about Hollywood, we’re not talking about the office—but really, we’ve […]

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