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Public Charge: A Threat to Public Health and the American Dream


For over a century, the Statue of Liberty stood as a powerful symbol of the United States’ promise to welcome immigrants to a new land of safety and opportunity. However, a recent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) proposal to expand the definition of the “public charge” rule threatens to tarnish that legacy. The proposed changes […]

The High Cost of the Model Minority Myth for Asian and Pacific Islander Americans


BY TRACEY LAM AND JONATHAN HUI “If you say ‘Asian,’ what pops into your head? They think we’re all supposed to be doctors, you know? Or they think we come from a good, rich family. But we don’t.”[i] These words are from Pass or Fail in Cambodia Town, a documentary about the true stories of […]

The Real Problem with Germany’s New Policy on Migrant Family Reunification


BY KATIE PARRY Over the last month Germany has quietly moved to make family reunification harder for many recently arrived migrants.  New rules will mean that migrants given “subsidiary protection” status, which includes at least one in five Syrians, will not be able to bring their families to join them in Germany for at least […]

Does Immigration Help or Harm? An Interview with the Nation’s Leading Immigration Economist


BY DANIEL TOSTADO George Borjas, the nation’s leading immigration economist according the Wall Street Journal, is currently an economics professor at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Originating from Cuba, Borjas fled Havana at age 12 with his mother in 1962 on a plane to Miami. Professor Borjas is well known for promoting a policy the […]

Empowering the Asian American Community: An Interview with Filmmaker Curtis Chin


AAPR: Could you tell me about your background? CHIN: I like to say I’m Detroit-born, New York–raised, and Los Angeles–based. I’m the middle child of a large Chinese American family that somehow ended up in the Midwest in the late 1800s. I’m currently working on a memoir of my childhood growing up in the family […]

Gender, Race and Identity

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