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An Untold Story: The Need to Address Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Refugee Boys


At the young age of 12, Mohammad’s family sold him to an older man to serve as a bacha, or boy child entertainer.[1] In this role, he would have to dance, sing, and sometimes provide sex for the man who owned him. Mohammad escaped quickly and embarked on the 3,500-mile journey from Afghanistan to Europe, […]

Human Rights

In Humanitarian Crises, Periods are a Public Health Issue


Last April, cyclone Idai killed over a thousand people and displaced over three million across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Of those affected, approximately 650,000 people were particularly at risk – because they have periods. Menstrual hygiene is an urgent public health and policy issue that is frequently overlooked during humanitarian relief operations. It is time […]

Gender, Race and Identity

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