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An Untold Story: The Need to Address Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Refugee Boys


BY EMILY AUSUBEL   At the young age of 12, Mohammad’s family sold him to an older man to serve as a bacha, or boy child entertainer.[1] In this role, he would have to dance, sing, and sometimes provide sex for the man who owned him. Mohammad escaped quickly and embarked on the 3,500-mile journey […]

In Humanitarian Crises, Periods are a Public Health Issue


BY IRA GUHA AND DANIELA PHILIPSON Last April, cyclone Idai killed over a thousand people and displaced over three million across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Of those affected, approximately 650,000 people were particularly at risk – because they have periods. Menstrual hygiene is an urgent public health and policy issue that is frequently overlooked during […]

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