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Ending the Gun Violence Epidemic


Two deadly epidemics threaten the lives of Americans. Both have cost too many of us our loved ones, imposed relentless burdens on our healthcare professionals, and affected all communities, while disproportionately harming communities of color.  The first is a global threat that originated in nature and will take all the scientific prowess and ingenuity we […]

Public Leadership and Management

Easy Access to Guns Hurts Beyond Mass Shootings


BY JAKE VIOLA It took six minutes for one man’s evil to end 17 lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. In our young people who mobilized afterwards, we see courage personified. Because of them, this time it might be different. Because of them, we hear President Trump – a fierce defender […]

Liberals Have Failed on Gun Violence for Two Decades: To Win, We Need To Get Over Ourselves


BY MATT MCDOLE In the wake of another mass shooting, America is talking about gun control again. It’s been uplifting to see the determined young Parkland students speaking out. They have organized nationwide walkouts, bussed their classmates 450 miles to Tallahassee to petition the state legislature, and confronted lawmakers at a nationally televised town hall. […]

The Safest Place to Be


BY JEN SMITH “Mom: home safe. sleepy. love you.” I sent this message letting her know I made it home to Cambridge safely after spending ten days in Israel, learning about nations torn by generational conflict.  During my time there, we visited the Syrian border, went to the edge of the Gaza Strip, and talked […]

International Relations and Security

Routine Horror


BY DAVID PAYNE This is part of a student series stemming from a discussion at the Harvard Kennedy School on gun control. If you would like us to include your voice, send your pitch to harvardksrpitches@gmail.com. Ten die in a mass shooting. The shooter was impressively well armed. President Obama takes the podium to offer […]

Fairness and Justice

We Need Gun Control. Now.


BY MICAELA CONNERY This is the first of a two-part student series stemming from a discussion at the Harvard Kennedy School on gun control. If you would like to respond, send your pitch to harvardksrpitches@gmail.com. On Wednesday, 15 Harvard Kennedy School students with differing opinions, backgrounds, and nationalities sat around a table to discuss gun […]

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