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How a Tweak by the SEC Could Help Address Gender and Racial Pay Gaps


A mantra we hear almost daily from corporate titans everywhere is, “People are our most valuable resource.” There is evidence to back up this claim. In 1975, 83% of the value of an S&P 500 company was tied to its physical assets. By 2015, that statistic had completely inverted, and human capital represented 84% of […]

Flame Bearers with Becky Sauerbrunn (USA): Soccer and Equal Pay


Flame Bearers: The Women Athletes Carrying Tokyo’s Torch brings 2021 female Olympians’ and Paralympians’ experiences to life, giving them a platform of celebration and an opportunity to share their learnings. Its purpose is to provide opportunity for both athletes and listeners alike: For women Olympians and Paralympians to share their dreams, struggles, and lessons of mental […]

Underpaid and Imprisoned: How the Gender Wage Gap Disproportionately Hurts Incarcerated Women


  Early in my career, while working as a legislative aide in Washington, D.C., a male colleague and I received a promotion at the same time. With the promotion came more responsibilities and higher pay. But as our workloads increased by the same amount, I soon realized that his raise was $5,000 larger than mine. […]

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