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A Call for Nuance: Reframing The Charter School Debate


BY CHRIS GEARY As a former traditional public middle school math teacher and charter high school history teacher, it is clear that the question “are charter schools good or bad?” cannot be answered as simply as anyone would like. Before diving into the implications, it is worth defining what charter schools actually are. Essentially, a […]

How to Solve Global Education Problems? Ask the Right Questions.


BY IVAN RAHMAN Having worked as a teacher and school leader, I attended Harvard’s 2017 Social Enterprise Conference (SECON) with the hope of discovering solutions to some of education’s most pressing problems. Instead, the conference raised a series of thought-provoking questions about education. Does innovation in public education preserve, or even exacerbate, the status quo […]

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I Was Not Talented at Math and Neither is Your Child: The Folly of Gifted and Talented Programs


BY DAVID PAYNE In 1st grade, I was labeled as gifted in math. One problem, I was not gifted. I can understand the error; I solved advanced problems with ease. Over the years, my teachers kept me occupied with a variety of approaches while my classmates were in math class. In 2nd grade, I was […]

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