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Back to School in Kenya: How 152,000 New Teen Mothers Can Resume Their Education


Policy ideas to help young mothers in Kenya return to school after the pandemic.

Reach Higher for Higher Education Achievement


THE 2020 NORTH STAR This March will mark ten years since President Obama gave his first major speech about education. In this speech, President Obama referenced the North Star goal for his education policy: that by the year 2020 the United States would once again lead the world in terms of the proportion of young […]

Education, Training and Labor

Fostering ‘mentalship’ among young male students of color


BY DENNIS FUNES “Students like YOU end up working rather than going to college.” As a young male of color at a middle school in the Los Angeles School District, a teacher had already predicted my future, or so he thought. Fortunately, I had positive role models, such as my father and my Algebra teacher, […]

How to Solve Global Education Problems? Ask the Right Questions.


BY IVAN RAHMAN Having worked as a teacher and school leader, I attended Harvard’s 2017 Social Enterprise Conference (SECON) with the hope of discovering solutions to some of education’s most pressing problems. Instead, the conference raised a series of thought-provoking questions about education. Does innovation in public education preserve, or even exacerbate, the status quo […]

Education, Training and Labor

I Was Not Talented at Math and Neither is Your Child: The Folly of Gifted and Talented Programs


BY DAVID PAYNE In 1st grade, I was labeled as gifted in math. One problem, I was not gifted. I can understand the error; I solved advanced problems with ease. Over the years, my teachers kept me occupied with a variety of approaches while my classmates were in math class. In 2nd grade, I was […]

The Great Charter Debate: Searching for Facts in an Increasingly Polarized Conversation


BY LUCY BOYD “[Charter schools] have become the leading edge of long-cherished ideological crusade by the far right to turn education into a consumer choice rather than a civic obligation.”  – Diane Ravitch, a leading author and academic on the American education system. “The only threat charter schools hold is to the myth that poor […]

Innovating Schools


  One student prepares to run for elected office. Another has just finished an internship in a federal courthouse. A third is taking a college course on Kierkegaard. These students are eighth graders. Education can be transformative. And it can be transformed. RETHINKING EDUCATION REFORM Education reform has been an ongoing effort for the past […]

Empowering the Asian American Community: An Interview with Filmmaker Curtis Chin


AAPR: Could you tell me about your background? CHIN: I like to say I’m Detroit-born, New York–raised, and Los Angeles–based. I’m the middle child of a large Chinese American family that somehow ended up in the Midwest in the late 1800s. I’m currently working on a memoir of my childhood growing up in the family […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Educational Equity: Where We Are and Where We Need To Be


Educational Equity: Where We Are and Where We Need To Be Since 2001, Congressman Mike Honda has represented the 17th Congressional District of California in the U.S. House of Representatives. His district includes Silicon Valley, the birthplace of technology innovation and the leading region for the development of the technologies of tomorrow. First as a […]

Poverty, Inequality and Opportunity

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